2021 AO Field Champs

Thank you to everyone who registered for the AO Field Champs this weekend. We look forward to seeing you!!

Some notes for this weekend:

Both Saturday and Sunday start at 9am, and both rounds have been registered with Archery Canada, and can be used as ranking scores for the National Field Team.

Bring Bug Repellant – it is going to be hot and humid this weekend, the mosquitoes will be out.

Bring Boots and rain gear – rubber boots are not necessary, but there are some spots that can get a little mucky, and runners may not cut it, so a hiking boot or shoe may be more appropriate. The forecasted rain has been pushed to Sunday now (was Friday, Saturday & Sunday), but hopefully that will change as we get closer to the weekend.

Bring a Camping Chair – most of you already do this, but unfortunately, we no longer have any picnic tables.

We will have food for lunch both days (hamburgers & sausages), water, some pop & Gatorade.

We are also hosting a BBQ Pulled Beef dinner on Saturday night, with homemade potato salad, homemade coleslaw & homemade cold spaghetti salad (it tastes better than it sounds). $20.00***Please let me know if you would like to attend the BBQ, and how many are in your party, even if you responded to me earlier on FB.***

Butt Assignments are:

Hoy, Trevor M Cadet Compound; Watson, Dustin M Jr Compound; Law-Grant, Colin M Jr Compound

Dickson, Bruce M Master Compound; Sheilds, Gord M Master Compound; Martin, Quintain M Sr Barebow

Maude, Fiona F Sr Compound; Watson, Jessica F Sr Compound; Todoric, Helena F Cub BB

Savage, Rae F Sr Compound; McClean, Fiona F Sr Compound; Webb, Daniela F Sr Compound; Gairdner, Ashley F Master Compound

Fagan, Andrew M Sr Compound; Voorn, Craig M Sr Compound; Nott, Robbie M Sr Compound

Schnarr, Dave M Sr Compound; Martin, Dale M Sr Compound; Watson, Dave M Sr Compound

Webb, Josh M Sr Compound; Westbye, Andrew M Sr Compound; Reid, Larry M Sr Compound

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